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The apps using social credit in China
Published at 16/10/2019

"It's not all surveillance—apps built on the social credit system can find you a nanny, check on a business partner, or settle a parking ticket..."

Les informations qui énervent le plus les internautes sur un site e-commerce
Published at 01/10/2019

Selon le sondage réalisé par Opinionway pour Proximis, société de technologie dans le retail, ce que les Français attendent quand ils se connectent sur un site e-commerce, est du basique mais clair, transparent et immédiatement compréhensible. Les résultats…

DiDi launches first-of-its-kind safety standard for ride-hailing industry
Published at 25/09/2019

"DiDi, the world s leading mobile transportation platform, launched on September 24 the first-of-its-kind safety standard to the entire ride-hailing industry at a public service platform under China s Standardization Administration. The newly-launched…

Digital trade shows

Organisation: Web Summit
04.11.2019 - 07.11.2019 (Lisbonne) -
At a time of great uncertainty for industry upon industry and the world itself, we gather the founders and CEOs of technology…

   Internet Summit
Organisation: Internet Summit
13.11.2019 - 14.11.2019 (Raleigh) -
Internet Summit fills your brain and professional toolkit with thought leadership and practical solutions designed to supercharge…

Organisation: Salesforce
19.11.2019 - 22.11.2019 (San Francisco) -
Web Summit started as a simple idea in 2010: Let’s connect the technology community with all industries, both old and new.…